Get a code for FREE post on tea shop with your first order of merch!


1. When will I receive my order?

You should received your order within 7 working days of when you placed it.

2. Can I order merchandise and tea together?

Our merchandise site operates separately from our tea, and our merch items are stocked in a different place, so unfortunately you cannot order tea and merch together! However, if you purchase any of our Gifts & Goodies, you will receive a free postage code that you can use on your next tea order. It will be in your post-purchase email, and you can enter the code at Checkout when you order your Dorset Tea. 

3. What should I do in case my merchandise arrives with a crack or breakage?

We strive to get your products to you safely, but we know sometimes things can happen that are out of your control. In case of any broken items, please email with photos and we will be sure to have a replacement sent to you! 

4. Are there different shipping options?

Yes - you will see different options that you can pick based on the total weight of your purchase. You can also choose between First Class and Second Class shipping with Royal Mail. 

 5. Why can't I get free postage?

Unfortunately, because this is a temporary shop and we are offering only a limited amount of items, we cannot give free postage. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us at 

6. I received my gifts, but they're wrapped in bubble wrap! I thought Dorset Tea was plastic-free?

Our Sunshine Blend is naturally naked - no plastic packaging, no envelope! But unfortunately, to get our gorgeous merch safely to you, we have to wrap it carefully, and the only option for that is bubble wrap at the moment. BUT we really urge you to upcycle! Reuse your bubble wrap like we do (we use them when wrapping gifts, as cabinet liners, to insulate windows, to protect plants, the list goes on!).